Achieving a Successful Retirement Part 6: Conclusion

Hi, I’m Chad Ekren.

Thanks for joining us as we summarize how you can achieve a Successful Retirement. Let’s review the four Key Concepts:

  1. We are living much longer than we think! Therefore, you should plan for at least a 30 year retirement.
  2. Inflation is the real risk! At a 3% inflation rate, $60,000 of income today needs to be $145,000 in 30 years from now.
  3. Rising Income Investments are the solution to the risk of inflation! Therefore, own a broadly diversified portfolio of high quality, dividend growing companies.
  4. Appropriate Investing Behaviour is Key to Success! Therefore, consider working with a Financial Advisor who will help coach you to not fall victim to the “Behaviour Gap” with your investments.

Successful Retirement Number

Now that you know the four key concepts, you need to determine your Successful Retirement Number; that is the amount of money you need to “achieve a lifestyle-sustaining income and a legacy for those you love.”

I hope you’ve learned a lot watching this Successful Retirement series. If you need help determining your Successful Retirement number and laying out a plan for you to achieve your Successful Retirement, give us a call. We’d be happy to help. We’ve worked with many people, just like you. But don’t take my word for it; here’s a couple we’ve been working with since 1996.

Bob & Sandra's Testimonial

“We started with Capital Concepts when I was 48 and still had black hair.”

“I guess we met Chad and his team in 1996, in a seminar where I worked, before I retired.”

“We wanted a more personal relationship with our financial advisor, someone who truly understood where we were coming from. We’re not flash, we don’t have a lot of money, but we like a nice life, and wanted someone to help us stay on that road.”


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